Women’s Fashion Accessories ANTORINI

Women’s Fashion Accessories: Luxurious leather gloves

Women's Fashion Accessories: Leather Gloves
Women’s Fashion Accessories

The history of ANTORINI leather gloves dates back to the eighteenth century, when the presence of the Bourbon royal court in Sicily contributed significantly to the development of glove production in Italy. The global centre of glove production is the beautiful city of Naples, which has become a critical location for ANTORINI as well. ANTORINI gloves are currently produced exclusively by hand, and only the best lamb skin is used for their production. The traditional way of processing leather and its colouring are a basis for extraordinary quality of ANTORINI products.

A total of 25 different manual techniques and approaches are used for the production of each glove. From manual trim to the final stitches, their production always involves traditional and masterful work of those who know and realise the importance of following a long established tradition of glove-making in Naples. Art, tradition, enthusiasm, passion, love of work, creativity, dexterity and a soft approach are what enable free creation and awareness that each product is unique and exceptional. This is how we view our products in ANTORINI.

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You can purchase ANTORINI fashion gloves at our flagship online boutique at Antorini.com


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