Women’s Fashion Accessories ANTORINI

Women’s Fashion Accessories: Luxurious leather gloves

Women's Fashion Accessories: Leather Gloves
Women’s Fashion Accessories

Antorini leather gloves has a long and illustrious history dating all the way back to the eighteenth century when the Bourbon Royal Court in Sicily significantly contributed to the development of Italian glove production. The beautiful city of Naples, being the global centre for the production of leather gloves, has become a crucial and integral location for Antorini also. Antorini gloves are masterfully handcrafted by our master leather craftsmen who share in our passion for the exceptional and strive only for perfection. Who respectfully continue in the art of leather production and long established traditional way of creating leather products.  Using only the finest lamb skin leather. From the first trimming of the leather to the final stitch, a total of no less than 25 different processes, all lovingly done by hand, go into each and every glove.

This sets the basis for the unprecedented quality of ALL Antorini Products.

Women’s Fashion Accessories: SHOP NOW

You can purchase ANTORINI fashion gloves at our flagship online boutique at Antorini.com


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