Antorini Luxury Leather Gloves

Leather gloves between high fashion and crafts

Naples is the glove “capital” of the world. Unlike many other cities, this historic centre of leather glove production has kept alive the tradition that has been in place since the eighteenth century. although it was at the beginning of the following century that production really took off. It was the presence of the Bourbon court in the capital of the kingdom of the two Sicilies that contributed to the global development of this fashion article which was already known for its beauty and quality.

Today, the age of the glove has returned, with consumers preferring quality over quantity. Fashion has once again discovered the glove as a must have fashion accessory. Antorini gloves are still made in the traditional way,  hand crafted using only the finest leather immersed, not covered in “full grain” dye for a superior finish. Hand cut for better fit and lined with either silk or cashmere for comfort. No less than 25 hand processes incorporate every single Antorini glove. Lovingly made by master leather craftsmen with a passion for, their tradition and their work. Treating each glove as a piece of art creating each glove as a “one off”  with its own natural materials. Antorini gloves don’t just fit on your hands, they communicate with them the devotion to craftsmanship incorporated into each and every glove. You can feel the centuries old craft of Naples that will continue into the future.

Indulge in quality and luxury. ANTORINI offers breath-taking fashion accessories of unsurpassed quality and design. Luxury fashion accessories  can be purchased at our official online store


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