Antorini Luxury Leather Gloves

Leather gloves between high fashion and crafts

Unlike other cities The historic center of Naples maintained a craft alive: ”The manufacture of leather gloves”, which has meant that Naples is defined the “World Capital of the glove “, before that, to date, still holds. Known since the eighteenth century, this production really took off beginning of the next century. The presence of Bourbon court in the capital of the kingdom of the two Sicilies has contributed significantly to the global development of this article already known for its beauty and quality.

Today we live in a great return of the glove as the consumers prefer to buy less but focusing on quality products and long-lasting and that fashion rediscovers the glove as an accessory indispensable. ANTORINI still manages to create gloves through the selection of best skins “full grain” dyes by Immersion (not covered/ patent), cut by hand for better fit and lined silk or cashmere gloves (100%) of superior quality. A pair of gloves, so product craft is the subject of 25 different operations different from cutting to finishing.

The art, tradition, passion, love for their work, the dignity of building with their hands and for the hands, the finesse of a skin that your spouse, a softness that gives the freedom of gesture, with the awareness of possessing a “one-off” due extreme craftsmanship and natural materials. Our gloves are living with your hands and talk, to who knows how to listen, a centuries-old craft that has done, and continues to do, the history of Naples.

Indulge in quality and luxury. ANTORINI offers breath-taking fashion accessories of unsurpassed quality and design. Luxury fashion accessories of top quality can be purchased at


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