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Women’s Fashion Accessories: Luxurious leather gloves

Women's Fashion Accessories: Leather Gloves
Women’s Fashion Accessories

The history of ANTORINI leather gloves dates back to the eighteenth century, when the presence of the Bourbon royal court in Sicily contributed significantly to the development of glove production in Italy. The global centre of glove production is the beautiful city of Naples, which has become a critical location for ANTORINI as well. ANTORINI gloves are currently produced exclusively by hand, and only the best lamb skin is used for their production. The traditional way of processing leather and its colouring are a basis for extraordinary quality of ANTORINI products.

A total of 25 different manual techniques and approaches are used for the production of each glove. From manual trim to the final stitches, their production always involves traditional and masterful work of those who know and realise the importance of following a long established tradition of glove-making in Naples. Art, tradition, enthusiasm, passion, love of work, creativity, dexterity and a soft approach are what enable free creation and awareness that each product is unique and exceptional. This is how we view our products in ANTORINI.

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You can purchase ANTORINI fashion gloves at our flagship online boutique at Antorini.com


Beautiful luxury gifts

Beautiful luxury gifts of the highest quality and design from www.antorini.com. Ladies’ and men’s fashion accessory collections reflecting the newest fashion trends and elegance. Within the model lines you can find briefcases, wallets, scarves, diaries and many other leather, silk, cashmere and silver products.



ANTORINI Luxury Gifts

Ladies’ and men’s collections of this unmistakable brand can be purchased at the official online store www.antorini.com


Luxury A5 ring diary, blue leather with a crocodile pattern. Supplied with a 2017 calendar.

ANTORINI Luxury A5 ring diary

ANTORINI Luxury A5 ring diary
A breath-taking ANTORINI managerial diary handmade from beautiful Italian calfskin leather. The surface is very pleasant to the touch. Precise handwork gives one the possibility to experience the unique feeling of harmony, beauty and elegance. The diary is characterised by a rich inside layout allowing for a wide range of work uses. The “week on a two-page spread” calendar can be exchanged for a daily calendar.

ANTORINI Leather Manager A5 Organiser in Blue Croc

The beauty of superb work and superb leather is amplified by the overlaps folded into the inside. A gorgeous diary with which you will surely make an impression. A rich inside layout is supplemented with a blank notepad (included) on the back cover. It is possible to insert a notepad from the top or the side into the cover; a notepad inserted from the top is included by default.

The loop for the writing tool is a combination of leather and rubber band for the possibility of holding writing tools of different widths. Supplied in a ANTORINI luxury gift pack. Dimensions: 24 cm  x 19 cm x 4 cm. Pages: 21,5 cm x 14 cm
Colour: blue. Material: Italian calf leather, gold plated ring mechanism. The pictured fountain pen is not included.

ANTORINI Luxury Gift Wrap

Luxury A5 ring diary of top quality can be purchased at www.antorini.com

ANTORINI Luxurious Ladies Concetta Wallet in Gold

ANTORINI Luxury Ladies Wallet

The elegant ladies’ leather clutch/wallet Concetta brings together unique beauty, practicality and versatility. Thanks to its size and removable strap, the Concetta can change from a wallet into a clutch or a shoulder bag. All this is supported by superb handwork and first-class calfskin leather. The generous space inside is richly supplemented with pockets and compartments. Thanks to quality Italian calfskin leather with saffiano surface treatment, the wallet is more resistant to scratches and has a longer life. The luxury gift pack includes a ANTORINI box with ribbon. The wallet/clutch contains: a removable strap, two lengthwise front pockets, two main compartments for banknotes, a central coin pocket with zipper, six compartments for credit cards, a lengthwise back pocket.

When wearing the strap over the shoulder the bag reaches the waist. Dimensions: 21 cm x 9,5 cm x 3,5 cm. Length of the removable strap: 54 cm. Colour of the removable strap: gold. Material: Italian calf leather.

Indulge in quality and luxury. ANTORINI offers breath-taking fashion accessories of unsurpassed quality and design. Luxury fashion accessories of top quality can be purchased at www.antorini.com

Luxury Diaries & Organisers

ANTORINI Breath-taking diaries for 2017

We have discovered the most beautiful and stylish 2017 diaries for you. Enter the world of beautiful scheduling. The new collection of leather diaries for 2017 bears the signs of beauty and perfection. It combines the sense of practical scheduling and attractive timeless design. You can find diaries with gold plating, different shapes, colours and surfaces in the new exclusive collection of the prestigious ANTORINI brand.

Diaries are available in A5 and A6 sizes. Leather diaries with a crocodile pattern and a gold-plated ring mechanism belong to the most stylish pieces. The collection also includes elegant diaries for men in subtle colours. The multifunctional diaries with a removable calendar and hard cover are absolutely breath-taking. Do you know what your new diary for 2017 will look like? Visit the boutique www.antorini.com and select the best one for you.

Women’s Designer Wallets and Purses

ANTORINI Ladies’ Wallets: Luxury and Timeless Elegance

The ANTORINI luxury brand passes its distinctive elegance not only into luxury ties and scarves, but into leather products as well. The proof is the new line of ANTORINI luxury ladies’ wallets, which is the perfect aesthetic link between current trends and clearly distinguishable elements of iconic collections. The luxury must-have wallets, made with love and precision, boast – among other things – a removable gold chain with leather weaving and generous space inside.

Clean lines and elegance accompanied by the softest leather and elaborate stitching, which shows the crafting skills of ANTORINI artisans, give the feeling of true exceptionality. If the new exclusive collection interests you, you can choose from options of black, pink, purple, gold, red, smooth black and black with Terre leather finish. You can find more inspirations and information at www.antorini.com

Luxury Leather Goods

ANTORINI is a successful fashion brand whose fashion accessories are loved by women and men all around the world. The reason for ANTORINI’s popularity is the highly attractive design of fashion accessories on one hand and a literally tangible link to tradition on the other hand.

“When you watch the new collections, you are often left breathless. ANTORINI is exactly the brand where you tell yourself, ‘This is simply gorgeous! I just have to have this!’ It is difficult to describe what actually distinguishes ANTORINI from the other brands. It is in the feeling, the charisma or maybe the aura that its collections have. In any case, you are left with only one word in your head: fantastic.” (E. Portelli)

ANTORINI managed to combine a sense of style with timelessness and to link these elements with the line of traditional Italian aristocratic style. The result comes in the form of collections, which include modern fashion accessories as well as timeless products with a traditional design.

In these collections, you can find a strong inspiration in traditional art and historical aristocratic elements. However, the ANTORINI brand is able to connect history and modern trends almost with surprising ease. Therefore, some collections are very modern to extravagant, using new and innovative materials, colours and processes. They are very balanced combinations and fine contrasts, gently connecting modern and conservative elements.

ANTORINI’s style can be very conservative as well. The foundations consist of the craftsmanship and natural materials with an emphasis on lengthy leather processing whose result is an unmistakable uniqueness. However, a common theme is always an effort to escape from the grey average and reach perfection in every way.

Ladies’ and men’s collections of this unmistakable brand can be purchased at the official online store www.antorini.com